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28 Oct

Should we ridicule Edwin P.

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Raziell said: The problem is, sinse god doesent exist. This can not be denied.When you get gravely sick do you pray to God to heal you? No, you usually go to a doctor that has been trained in the latest science to treat your disease/ailments. This can not be denied. You are suggesting all of us godless heathens are as bad as Hitler and, if given the option and power, would become another Hitler. As an individual, with your own opinions. But i wont argue anymore with you.

Therefore, coupled with your quotes, the church and its religious figures have been the most corrupt.====redrighthand, I was stating the Bible is full of that stuff that I had listed. :? ==== A person who opposed the religious establishment would of had to be willing to outcast himself from society, suffer possible exile, torture, death, or any other act they deemed suitable punishment.

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